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We will do our best to respond to your issues as quickly as possible. You can also look for information here:
  • Try our FAQs page. A quick look at FAQs may answer questions you have!
  • Try our COVERAGE DETAILS PAGE, which provides a summary table of the coverage levels with access to our Policy Section, where you can view the full plan document.
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SafeTreker's Quote system is easy to use, and all the information you should need is available in FAQ, Sports or Coverage. However, if you'd like to talk with one of our friendly team members, contact us using the options below.

Medical Emergencies

We are here to help you with a medical emergency. Remember, the more information you can provide us, the better.

  • Call Toll-Free from the U.S.A.: 833-425-5101
  • Call Collect from abroad: 603-952-2686

For detailed information about making a claim, visit our CLAIMS page by clicking HERE.