WHY SafeTreker?

Everything you need to know about SafeTreker

Who and What is SafeTreker?

SafeTreker is an adventure travel insurance product designed to cover over 500 sports and activities.

This adventure travel Insurance offers varying levels of benefits and coverage, depending on your budget and travel needs. Levels of coverage are subject to the Policy Terms and Conditions described in the Plan Document.

You can feel confident that your coverage will be there when you need it.

For Your Added Protection

We know that you are an extreme traveler looking to find your next adventure, whether it be in the deep-sea or on top of a mountain. To ensure that you can focus on the experience, we wanted to provide an additional layer of protection for you. As an added benefit of purchasing SafeTreker adventure travel insurance, you will receive a complimentary LutiKey.

What is LutiKey you ask? It is an incredible device and service that will help you stay safe on your next trip by offering robust tracking abilities for you, companions and possessions, in addition to having your sports and activites covered with SafeTreker. You will now have a free tracking device that will help safeguard you and your valuables while traveling. Some of the benefits of Lutikey are:

  • Emergency Services Contact
  • Guidance in Unfamiliar Surroundings
  • Find Luggage and Valuables Anywhere

For additional information about LutiKey, please click HERE.

If you're an active, sports-oriented person, more than likely, you'll be traveling, especially to take part in your favorite sport, or you might be interested in something you've never tried before. In either case, you need to know if you're insured to do it.

All you have to do is go online and check your sport’s coverage level (Basic, Sport, Extreme, or Extreme+) against our Sports list to see if you're covered. If you're not covered for the sport or activity you want to try, don't worry! Contact us, and we can upgrade your coverage.

Your SafeTreker policy automatically provides standard coverage for a vast list of sports. Check the Sports & Activites List, and you'll see how extensive it is. The Sport level of SafeTreker covers a variety of sports as standard. Of course, some sports are riskier than others, but we do still cover them — that's why we have higher levels of coverage: Extreme and Extreme+.

When you need a quote, just type in your sport, and the system will automatically select the correct coverage level for you.

There are four levels of coverage: BASIC, SPORT, EXTREME and EXTREME+.

SafeTreker will pay as Primary for the Sport, Extreme and Extreme+ levels of coverage. The Basic plan will pay if your healthcare insurance plan will not cover you when you travel abroad. If your Injury or Sickness is covered by your healthcare insurance plan, SafeTreker will pay after your healthcare insurance plan pays. If your healthcare insurance plan has a deductible, SafeTreker will pay that deductible.

The Four Coverage Levels:

Just the necessities. Our Basic level includes our comprehensive 24/7 Emergency Assistance Services as well as $1,000 for Trip Cancellation and Interruption, $25,000 coverage for both Accident and Sickness as well as baggage and many other essential benefits while you travel.

For the more active crowd, the Sport Plan features everything in the Basic plan plus we have included Hazardous Sports Coverage which provides coverage for skydiving; hang-gliding; parachuting; mountaineering; bungee-cord jumping; scuba diving (if accompanied by a divemaster or if the depth is equal to or less than fifty (50) (feet); spelunking or caving.

This plan features $2,500 for Trip Cancellation and Interruption, $50,000 coverage for accidents, $25,000 for sickness and $2,000 for baggage. Also, included is the Search and Rescue benefit of $5000 and Evacuation in case of a natural disaster at your location up to $50,000.

For our most adventurous customers. The Extreme Level offers all the benefits of both Basic and Sport level coverage plus coverage for over 400 named sports! (click here for the list)

There’s more! $5000 for Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption. $100,000 for accident coverage, $3,000 for baggage. Search and rescue up to $10,000 and Sports Equipment Rental protection up to $3,000.

Our highest level of coverage available. All the benefits of Basic, Sport and the Extreme level plans with an increased Trip Cancellation / Interruption benefit of $10,000 (Extreme Plus is an option within the Extreme Plan).