WHY SafeTreker?

Everything you need to know about SafeTreker

Who and What is SafeTreker?

SafeTreker is an adventure travel insurance product designed to cover over 450 sports and activities.

This adventure travel Insurance offers a base plan and two optional upgrades; an Extreme Sports upgrade and a Mountaineering upgrade, depending on your budget and sports travel needs. Coverage is subject to the Policy Terms and Conditions described in the Summary of Benefits.

You can feel confident that your coverage will be there when you need it.

If you're an active, sports-oriented person, more than likely, you'll be traveling, especially to take part in your favorite sport; or you might be interested in something you've never tried before. In either case, you want to make sure you're insured to do it.

All you have to do is go online and get a quote, typing and selecting in the Sport Selector section each sport and activity you plan to participate in during your travel. If you’re unsure if your sport or activity will be covered or you’re not finding your sport or activity on the list, don't worry! Contact us, and we can happily assist you.

Your SafeTreker policy automatically provides standard coverage for a vast list of sports and activities. Check the Sports & Activites List, and you'll see how extensive the base plan is. The optional Extreme Sports upgrade and optional Mountaineering upgrade allows you to participate in even more extreme sports and activities.

When you need a quote, just type in your sport in the Sport Selector section, and the system will automatically select the correct type of coverage for you.

There are a total of four options of coverage: SafeTreker, SafeTreker with Extreme Sports upgrade, SafeTreker with Mountaineering upgrade, and SafeTreker with both Extreme Sports and Mountaineering upgrades.

Our SafeTreker base plan includes our comprehensive 24/7 Emergency Assistance Services as well as up to $50,000 for Trip Cancellation, up to $62,500 for Trip Interruption, $50,000 Medical Coverage, as well as baggage coverage, inconvenience benefits, and many other essential benefits while you travel and participate in Bodily Contact Sports and Interscholastic Sports.

SafeTreker with Extreme Sports upgrade:
The SafeTreker plan with Extreme Sports benefits features everything in the base plan (Medical Coverage is up to $25,000 for Extreme Sports) plus we have included Extreme Sports benefits which provides coverage for, but is not limited to: skydiving, BASE jumping, hang gliding, Parachuting, bungee jumping, caving, rappelling, spelunking, white or black water rafting above Grade 3, Skiing or snowboarding outside marked trails or in an area accessed by helicopter, Rock Climbing, any high-altitude activity, personal combat or fighting sports, rodeo, racing or practicing to race any motorized vehicle, bicycle or watercraft, free diving, and scuba diving at a depth greater than sixty (60) feet without a dive master.

SafeTreker with Mountaineering upgrade:
The SafeTreker plan with Mountaineering benefits features everything in the base plan plus we have included Extreme Sports benefits which provides coverage for the sport, hobby, or profession of walking, hiking, climbing and Rock Climbing up mountains that requires the use of ropes, harnesses, crampons or ice axes, or involves ascending beyond an altitude of four thousand five hundred (4,500) meters.

SafeTreker with both Extreme Sports and Mountaineering upgrades:
All the benefits of the base plan plus the features of the Extreme Sports (Medical Coverage is up to $25,000 for Extreme Sports) and Mountaineering upgrades.

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